The 2011 Edition, Copyright, Reproductions, and Citations

The 2011 Edition

The 2011 edition is a transcription of the original work collected and published by Major Matthews. Handwritten marginalia and corrections Matthews made to his text over the years have been incorporated, and some typographical errors have been corrected, but no other editorial work has been undertaken.


© 2011 City of Vancouver.

Any or all of Early Vancouver may be used without restriction as to the nature or purpose of the use, even if that use is for commercial purposes. You may copy, distribute, adapt and transmit the work. It is required that a link or attribution be made to the City of Vancouver.


High resolution versions of any graphic items in Early Vancouver are available. A fee may apply.


When referencing the 2011 edition of Early Vancouver, please cite the page number that appears at the bottom of the page in the PDF version only, not the page number indicated by your PDF reader. Here are samples of how to cite this source:

Footnote or Endnote Reference:
Major James Skitt Matthews, Early Vancouver, Vol. 1 (Vancouver: City of Vancouver, 2011), 33.

Bibliographic Entry:
Matthews, Major James Skitt. Early Vancouver, Vol. 1. Vancouver: City of Vancouver, 2011.