McLennan & McFeely Catalogue

The 1908-1914 Catalogue

This is the first general hardware catalogue issued by McLennan, McFeely & Co., Ltd. The company was hoping the catalogue would encourage customers to order by mail: "When you learn how quickly and satisfactorily your mail orders are handled it will never be necessary for you to be without any article of stock for more than a day or two at a time."

As you can see at right, the book was bound with a simple post binding. Updated and new pages would be sent to customers for insertion, which is the reason why the pages are several shades of yellow. The later pages are dated at the top. Page numbers are left at the end of each section to allow for future expansion. For instance, the Lumbering section ends on page 268, and the next section begins on page 301.

The Archives' copy has both an early and a late version of pages 405/6 because the old pages were not removed. You can compare both versions of page 405 and page 406.

copy owned by BUrnaby Village Museum

The price list is dated August, 1914. Prices are given exclusive of freight charges. The weight of goods has been given in order to help the customer calculate the freight charge, as has the Railroad Freight Classification.

"Sunset" was McLennan, McFeely's house brand. The logo appears on nearly every page of the catalogue and on some house-brand goods.

The catalogue presented here is missing these pages: Shot Guns 1505/6, Rifles 1515/16 and 1533-36