McLennan & McFeely Catalogue

The 1908-1914 Catalogue

This published catalogue features detailed illustrations of all goods on its 1400+ pages, including machinery, farm equipment, ship chandlery, house and kitchen furnishings, sporting goods, paint, lumbering and hardware.

The goods in this catalogue are illustrated in rich detail. Search the text, browse the pages, or download a PDF of the entire volume (270 MB).

Browse by section:

Introduction Introduction Lumbering and Logging Tools
Pages 251-268
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Painters' Supplies Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and Painters' Supplies
Pages 801-838
Price List Price List Farm and Garden Tools Farm and Garden Tools
Pages 301-344
house furnishings granit ware, tin ware, stores House Furnishings, Granite Ware, Tin Ware, Stores, etc.
Pages 901-1036
Catalogue Index Catalogue Index Miscellaneous and Heavy Hardware Miscellaneous and Heavy Hardware
Pages 401-542
cutlery and silver plated ware Cutlery and Silver-Plated Ware
Pages 1051-1176
Index to Useful Information Useful Information
Special pages 1-32
Ship Chandlery, Logging Blocks, Wire Rope Ship Chandlery, Logging Blocks, Wire Rope, etc.
Pages 552-608
Builders and Shelf Hardware Builders' and Shelf Hardware
Pages 1201-1394
Mechanics' Tools Mechanics' Tools
Pages 1-240
Steamfitters' Supplies, Belting, Packing Steamfitters' Supplies, Belting, Packing, etc.
Pages 651-694
Guns rifles ammunition and general sporting goods Guns, Rifles, Ammunition and General Sporting Goods
Pages 1501-1648

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